I’m Val Andrews – visual artist and author of books about creativity. Passionately interested in the creative process, I’ve published 4 books on the topic, all available on Amazon¬†and various other online platforms. My books aim to help people find new sources of inspiration, navigate their own creative process and see their creative projects through to completion. My books have been enjoyed by novice creatives and experienced creatives alike.

My return to creativity 

Like most people, I was highly creative as a child, free of the inner critic that flourishes in the adult mind. I used my creativity to express myself, to entertain myself and sometimes to avoid dealing with things I didn’t want to do (like sports!)

I was still using my creativity in these ways well into my teen years, but I stopped very suddenly when life got complicated. It wasn’t until I’d collected a number of university degrees and established myself in a ‘sensible career’ that I realised something was missing, and it took me a while to figure out what it was.

This creative awakening felt like a restlessness, and a need to express myself in a different way. I didn’t know how or where to start, so I just had to trust my intuition and experiment with various creative projects until I found the art forms that satisfied me the most.


Where are you, on your creative journey? Can you tell? Is there something extra you want to explore but you’re not sure what or how? I have some suggestions for you –

Start to make notes in your journal, doodle, dance, play a musical instrument. Starting at some place, any place, is better than not starting at all.

Care for yourself through your diet, exercise, rest and time out to replenish the creative well and dream big. It all helps to unlock your creativity and get you moving down the path of creative joy and satisfaction.

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