About me

I’m Val Andrews – visual artist and author of books about creativity. Passionately interested in creativity, I’ve published 5 books on the topic, all available on Amazon My books aim to help readers find new sources of inspiration, navigate their own creative processes and see their creative projects through to completion. My books have been enjoyed by novice creatives and experienced creatives alike.

My background

With 30 years experience in various management roles in the health and social care sectors, I’ve always had an interest in the impact that creativity has on workplace innovation – both at the team level and the individual level – and on personal wellbeing.

For many years, I’ve been exploring this interest by delivering creativity workshops to small groups and offering coaching to individuals who are committed to moving through blockages in their creative processes. I’ve also been interviewing professional artists and writers about their creative processes and sharing those interviews in my books in the hope they may inspire my readers. So far, this seems to be the case.

Through all of this research, I’ve found there are many reasons why people choose to learn more about their own creativity. Sometimes they’re driven by a desire to approach work tasks in a more creative way, sometimes they wish to ‘be more artistic’, or write a book, or invent something the world has not yet seen. Whatever the motivation, unleashing creativity certainly seems to boost personal wellbeing, and enhance performance at work.

Work in progress

I’m currently developing a body of abstract artworks which express my own experience of grief following a number of losses in my life. The process of creating these artworks has been both surprising and cathartic and I’m extremely pleased with the results. This has been my first serious attempt at creating a body of abstract art, and I’ve found the style lends itself well to the expression of something as complex as grief. I expect to exhibit this body of work in the autumn of 2017.