I was lucky to get my first book published so quickly. Within weeks of submitting the manuscript to Compass Books, my co-author and I received a publishing contract from them. But I’ve since discovered the world of independent, self-publishing and I’m so glad, because it enables me to maintain full creative control over my books. I also get to decide which platforms my books get published on, and I love being part of a world-wide community of independently published-published authors. If you feel this may be for you, there are two things I can recommend, to get you started – 


MEMBERSHIP TO Alliance of Independent Authors. Check it out by tapping on this banner, and you will go straight to their website …

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TRAINING I highly recommend the “Creative Freedom Course” by Joanna Penn. In this course you will learn how the self-publishing industry really works, and how to make it work for you. For more details, tap on the picture below and you will go straight to her training platform –