Reviews from some of my readers

“Art for Happiness not only turns the key, but opens the door to unlocking your creativity in a very practical way. I could hardly wait to work through the exercises, each one building on the last and giving me the confidence to achieve my creative dreams, no matter what form they may take. Absolutely wonderful!” (Yvonne Wallace, artist)

“Drawing on a wealth of independent research and her extensive experience in the Arts, this author offers us an intelligent and inspiring insight into how we might capture that elusive creative spark. Using a host of practical exercises, and offering insights into the minds of artists and scientists both past and present, she shows us a myriad of ways of discovering the keys to our creativity.” (Andrew May, screenwriter)

“Art for Happiness is easy to read, evocative and opens the heart-mind to previously unimagined possibilities. Each page inspires creativity in such a way that it is almost impossible to keep reading without reaching for a pen and paper, a paint brush and canvas, a recording device, anything to capture the spark of magic and turn it from dream into reality.” (Lee-Anne Miles, writer and owner of Caerwen Books)

“Art for Happiness is the perfect companion for those looking to boost their creativity. Whether for work or pleasure, comprehensive technical insight and helpful tips are in abundance to supercharge the creative process. Interviews with artists working in a variety of media provide first hand studies, examples to foster success.” (Sally Anne Fereday, screenwriter)

“This superb little book contains clear instructions and practical techniques that will engage your creativity from the start. Full of inspirational insights, it is a hugely valuable resource and therapeutic aid to practitioners in a wide variety of roles.” (Lois Friedlander, EFT Practitioner)